The Laser Detection Experts


Small, but powerful: Strong and competitive hand held  laser detector

  • Consistent accuracy, longe range, bright displays, long battery life, automatic shutoff.
  • 100 decibels is designed to be heard on the noisiest jobsites.
  • One button operation: Easy to Use.
  • Fits in your hand, on your tool belt, or in your pocket.
  • 100% Waterproof and Dustproof, Shock resistant: The toughest laser detector money can buy.

Model 54

Modell 54 für außen an Messlatte » Exterior with LCD: For better visualization by  bright sunlight.
» Working range up to 150 m (radius; dependent on the laser).
» Good ± 2 mm accuracy - Adequate for all standard-construction works.

Model 56

Modell 56 für innen mit Haltemagnet » Inerior with LEDs: Well in sight also in dark area, e.g. to hang a slap.
» Working range up to 90 m (radius; dependent on the laser).
» Präzise ± 0,75 mm accuracy.