The Laser Detection Experts

STORM Laserometer

The Revolution in Laser Detection: Measure exactly how many Millimetres you are away from on-grade.

  • Huge 13 cm reception height
  • Of it 10 cm digital readout in Millimetres (± 5 cm)
  • 21 channels of grade information
  • Extra-Large LCD on front and back displays grade and settings.
  • Superbright LEDs on front give grade information: Red = High or Low; Green = On-grade.
  • Beeper with 4 selections of volume
  • 5 selections of deadbands from 0,5 mm to 10 mm
  • Strobe light rejection filter built-in.
  • Menu function allows to select additional settings and preferences.
  • Watertight & robust (Protective over molding provides added protection from drops and typical abuse!)
  • 3-Year "No Excuses" Warranty

Versetzbare Halteklammer-Position The clamp position is automatically detected by the Laserometer. Standard center position provides equal amount of grade information above and below grade. Offset position moves the on-grade location giving automatically more above grade reception height and information.

Capture-Funktion Remote CAPTURE function acquires and retains a reading - useful for taking remote readings, e. g. to read excavation depth in a trench.

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