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STORM Laserometer - The Revolution in Laser Detection

Apache Technologies has launched the STORM Laserometer that is not a simple hand held detector anymore. With its innovative SuperCell technology our new STORM Laserometer provides a digital read out in millimetres. Not only will you be able to tell if you are high, low, or on-grade - you will be able to tell by exactly how much. Know how hard to hit the stake. Know how far to move the form. Get a quick estimate of how much material to bring in or take out.

Our STORM Laserometer has a huge 12,7 cm reception window, that picks up the beam quickly and easily. No more missing the beam and searching high and low for a laser strike. Forget about repositioning the clamp to find a small change in elevation.

Bright LEDís and large pick-up window make vertical alignment quicker. Use for tilt-up walls, anchor bolt and column layout, curtain walls, etc.

TORNADO F2 Blade Control - Finish Grade Done Right

The CB52 Dual Control Box is the newest in Apache's offering of automatic machine control products. As part of the Tornado F2 Blade Control System, the box is compatible with Proportional Time (PT), Proportional Current (PC), and Proportional Voltage (PV) valves. The system can be used in Lift & Lift, Lift & Tilt, and Dual Independent applications. It can be set-up on multiple pieces of equipment for maximum versatility and return on investment.

Apache's fully proportional and highly resolutive BULLSEYE receivers provide precise beam positioning data. Coupled with the ultra fast signal processing found in our CB 52 and proportional valves, Tornado F2 gives you the smoothest blade response and highest accuracy available.

The unit also features advanced Cross Coupling Compensation. Elevation control can be done in conjunction with slope control when used with BULLSEYE 5+ and 6.